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830 Traction Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


A boutique vintage store, specialising in personal stylist parties and styling for film and photo shoots. Based in the heart of LA's Arts District



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For most of us, it’s not even Halloween yet. For the fashion world elite, it’s time to start thinking about Spring 2017. New York Fashion Week is a “haute” holiday, if you will. Where celebs gather front-row as their model friends and designer confidants take the runways to show each other what the next season of trends holds – things the rest of us can’t typically get our hands on for at least another few months.

Until now. We’ve consulted our experts (who btw, were actually there) and located all the soon to be most-sought-after looks right here at Block 37. This way, you can get a jumpstart on perfecting next year’s wardrobe, while everyone else is still thinking about 2016.

What’s it called when you’re the first to know about something?

Ah yes, a trendsetter.

Fashion on the cover of magazines 2016

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Vanity Fair’s July issue introduced Caitlyn Jenner to the world. Design Director Chris Dixon chose simple typography to keep the focus on Annie Leibovitz’s striking portrait.  'Vanity Fair has had its share of buzzy covers...' said The Washington Post, 'but probably none has landed with such a thermonuclear impact as this one did.' Beyond record-breaking sales and web traffic, V.F.’s 'Call Me Caitlyn' cover sparked a larger conversation about gender identity and expression. To quote President Obama, 'Look at this month’s cover of Vanity Fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are.

Chantae McMillan is a heptathlete who competes in seven track and field disciplines, including the high jump and the long jump. “We hauled a trampoline to the Imperial Sand Dunes in California to have Chantae mimic her high-jump technique,” says Karen Frank, ESPN The Magazine’s director of photography, of the desert shoot locale inspired by a long-jump sand pit. This unique shot, taken by photographer Carlos Serrao on June 12, is even more amazing considering it was captured on a day the mercury hit 108. This was one of six Body Issue covers designed by creative director Chin Wang.